She Reads Truth

In the last two months, I’ve grown to love this app called She Reads Truth.  I heard about them from following Sophie Hudson on Twitter, aka BooMama.  She posted about how she received their Advent study.  I knew that most things that BooMama posts have been things that I’ve really enjoyed so I gave She Reads Truth a try.  I checked out their website and learned that they were in the first week of their Advent study so I jumped in.  I really enjoyed reading along with women all over the country and studying the same thing.  I also loved what the women were writing about. 

In January they launched two plans and I knew I wanted to take part in them.  One was their John study and the other was their Bible in a Year plan.  John is easily one of my favorite books in all of Scripture so I was giddy when I knew that was going to be one of the first studies I did fully with She Reads Truth. 

For me, their plan to read through the Bible in a year has been my favorite.  The structure that they have created seems to work really well for me.  6 days a week you read some Old Testament and some New Testament.  On Sundays everyone reads a few Psalms. 
Currently they are studying a few Hymns and soon start Esther.  I’ve decided during that time to go back and check out some of their older plans.  I’m about to start their Open Your Bible plan while still doing the Bible in a Year reading plan. 

They have multiple ways to access their studies.  On the site, all of their studies are free.  They also have an app for Apple devices.  I use the app for the Bible in a Year plan.  Some of their other plans are free on the app and some of them have a small fee.

I would love to hear from some of you as to what Bible study plans you use.  If you do use She Reads Truth, what are some of your favorite past studies?  There are so many great plans and resources out there now.