Okay, okay I do not have botanophobia.   I promise, I don’t.  However, I do believe that plants fear me.  Why you ask?  Well, they always die.  I have tried and tried to keep plants alive but sadly it does not work so well for me. 

I would love to say that I am the most sophisticated gardener and plant professional you have ever seen, but that would be a lie.  Most flowers that Greg buys me will last at best a week.  I bought a few mums last fall and they did not last long.  The first one lasted about 5 days.  If I’m being honest it died because I’m quite positive that I forgot to water it after day 1.  That is pretty easy to diagnose.  I decided to try again because hello my parents were coming to see our new house and I had to have a plant that was alive.  I bought it about 3 days before they came and that mum lasted about 3 to 4 weeks.  That is progress my friends.  

In December, Southeastern told the staff that all of the poinsettias could be taken first come first serve.  I knew that a free plant was the golden ticket.  I would not feel guilty if my free plant died.  It lasted longer than the mums and I was happy about that.

I know spring is coming and it will be here before I know it.  I want my first spring in my new home to be full of flowers.  I’ll be realistic and know that it will not be perfect.  I just want to put in my best effort and see what results I can get. 

Please oh please, help a sister out.  What are the best options for someone who does not have a green thumb to make their home, both inside and out, look festive and like spring is welcome?  Please do not say fake plants.  That is just plain mean.  It does not have to look like a Better Homes and Gardens, just some color.