My Super Bowl Cure

I think I tend to block out the Monday morning difficulties after Super Bowl Sunday.  I am so tired.  I am pretty positive that I spent most of my energy this morning trying to keep my eyes open.  To make matters worse this morning I was wakened by flashes in our house.  The power flickered a few times and I could hear the clocks and appliances click back on and the ceiling fan going off then on then off again.  But it gets better, not only was the power going in and out but I woke up to another wet rainy Monday morning.  Yippee.  Insert sarcasm.  

I think I have found the cure.  The cure has to be some sort of Mexican food, followed by pajamas and a heated blanket topped off with my good FRIENDS.  I think you know their names.  Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Joey and Ross.  I am fully confident that Monica and Rachel would tell me to skip right over the low fat ice cream and go straight for the good stuff.  

Enjoy your post Super Bowl evening and tell Mr. Groundhog thank you for the longer winter.  I might need a little more ice cream.