Tuesday nights are one of my favorite times of the week.  Each Tuesday we go to a friends house from our Young Married small group and have a few hours of time together.  We share a meal and pray for one another.  It sounds simple and it is, but each week I leave encouraged and thankful.  

I have been blessed beyond words for the real community I have experienced since moving to North Carolina.  I continually remind myself that this does not exist everywhere.  It is special and it is worth protecting.  I have to fight for this time, it is that important.  

Greg and I were both a part of a small group with the Young Pros at our church for several years.  It was a very sweet and special time for us.  The Meachum's small group was exactly what we needed at exactly the right time.  They were family and still are.  I remember well being at the Meachum's house in the early fall of 2010 and knowing that something big was about to happen.  It did not take long for that small group to grow and grow quickly.  

Leaving the Meachum's small group was one of the hardest things that we had to do but it was also one of the easiest things we have done.  I knew for a while that it was our time to leave.  It took Greg a little longer than me to know that it was time, but eventually he did.  

We decided to try a Young Married small group.  We knew our friends Daniel and Audrey were leading the group and it was a good fit for us.  I think we were both surprised how quickly those people became dear friends.  I am beyond thankful for my Young Married small group.  We meet on Sunday mornings and then have community groups that meet during the week.  This time is special and so good for my soul.  It is refreshing and it is convicting.  I want to do life with these people and I want them to know that they are in my prayers and I love them.  

Some of the ladies in my small group are starting a new Bible study this week.  They are going to meet during the day and although I am unable to attend with them during that time, I know that I can still participate with them.  The Word is such a beautiful way in which we draw closer to the Lord but can also draw closer to one another.  I am so thankful for these ladies and their encouragement.  I look forward to learning with each of you more about 1, 2 and 3 John.