Snow Days Covered in Ice

Snow days are fun, but not as much fun when the forecast is mostly sleet and ice.  No one wants to build a snowman in that. 

Monday night, I tried to prepare myself for the worst.  I had my iPhone, iPad, Macbook, extra iPhone battery and anything else in our house all charged up.  We pulled out the flashlights, including my awesome Car's flashlight.  After all of the hard work, I decided to wind down with my book, Abide Bible study and some Cocoa Krispies.  Greg was still watching the radar like the true weather man he is. 

This is our cute little house after all the winter storm had visited us.  It was slick and poor Gnomeo, our fearless gnome, was not able to stand up to the storm.

Our quiet little street did not see any plows to clear off the snow and ice.  Greg had an interesting time trying to clear his car to go to work on Tuesday.

For those of you don't know, you need this ice cream.  Tuesday was the one year anniversary of Jimmy Fallon as the Host of The Tonight Show.  Ben and Jerry's released a special ice cream just for him and I am ready to go get myself a pint of it.  Read those delightful ingredients.  

Jessica Turner's new book The Fringe Hours came out on Tuesday and it is fantastic.  On her website, she has released three new phone lockscreens.  This is one of them and all three of them are great.  Check them out here