Show and Tell Tuesday: The Day I Said Yes

Greg and I had been dating for 7 months when he proposed.  We knew really early that we were going to get married.  When we first started dating, he told me he wouldn’t propose until we had been dating at least a year.  Ha, that did not last.  We got married three days before our one year dating anniversary.  

I am not the best at surprises, sadly I tend to figure them out.  I wish I was surprised more but being that I am a planner and I think things out way in advance it just does not work often.  It does sometimes, but that is not normal.  

Greg and I were flying to my parents for Thanksgiving and he told me that we would be engaged by then.  He also knew that I had two rules about a proposal.  One, no jumbotrons.  Yes, I LOVE sports but no do not use some sort of kiss cam or giant screen at a sporting event to propose.  Two, I did not want it to happen in front of a lot of people.  I wanted that moment to be special and intimate.  I told him that I would say no if he did one of those two things.  He agreed.  

Greg asked me late in October if we could go on a trip to the mountains.  He said he knew that I loved to see the leaves as they had changed colors and that he knew I missed that about Arkansas.  It was also right around his birthday and he thought that would be fun.  The week of the trip, he kept asking more specific questions about what we should do.  He asked if I would want to go on a hot air balloon ride.  I remember thinking if he does not propose on a hot air balloon then what in the world is this guy planning.  We were not able to do that, apparently you have to book that months in advance.  

We ended up going to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.  He told me on Thursday when we were celebrating his birthday that we were going there.  I knew it was a bit of a drive so we had puppy chow for our road trip snack.  Yummy, who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate. 
I had a feeling all week that he was proposing, I just knew that he would.  Then I would question myself.  All week he had been throwing hints left and right.  You name it, he hinted at something.  By Friday, I had convinced myself that he was not proposing that week or weekend.  I thought he had been so obvious, there would be no surprise to it.  Oh Emily.  That morning when he came to pick me up, I really believed that it was not going to happen.  I thought we were just going on a fun trip.  That was, until we got out of the car at the Biltmore.  He gave me a hug as we walked to get on the little bus and I felt it.  I felt the ring in the box in his pocket.  Poor guy.  He was so afraid he was going to lose the ring so he left it in the box.  He thought that if he left it in his coat I would feel it, so he had it in his jeans.  I never saw it, but when I hugged him I felt the box.  I knew what was happening and I had to keep my best poker face for the next few hours.  

We walked around inside the Estate first.  I knew he would not propose then because hello it is a crowded place and that is breaking rule #2.  We walked around for a while.  We looked at every little area of the estate. 

We went outside and we started walking through the gardens.  The first garden we walked through was the Rose Garden.  I had a feeling it would not happen there because I do not like roses.  Greg knows that I am not a fan.  Good job Greg!

We came to the Azalea Garden.  Another thing to know about me and Greg for that matter is we walk fast.  I do not like to dawdle.  We got behind this lady and she was walking so slow.  I mean molasses would walk faster than she did.  I was getting so agitated.  I turned back to tell Greg we should pass this wacky lady and the dude is on one knee.  Seriously dude, could you not have done this after we passed the crazy lady.  Oh well, there he was on one knee and all I remember is saying absolutely!  I was engaged to my best friend.

 So beautiful!  I love all of the fall colors.

This Estate is so impressive.  Check out the detail.  The gentleman who built this house was a bachelor at the time.  I don't think that lasted long.  Look at this house!

This is the newly engaged couple about 10 minutes after getting engaged.

Early on in our dating, we had a lot of smack talk flirting while playing Words with Friends.  This engagement picture captured that time for us.

Hello ring, you are so pretty!