4000 Steps

I've talked a little about the walk that Greg and I are taking part in this coming Saturday.  This is our 3rd year walking for the 4000Steps Walkathon that is put on by First Choice Pregnancy Solutions in Wake Forest.  

We are so thankful for what all this ministry does for the women and families in the Triangle area.  

Each year at the walk they show some statistics about abortion and women with unplanned pregnancies.  

43% of American women will have an abortion by age 45
81% of women said they would not have had an abortion if the father was supportive
Wake County experienced 6,325 abortions in 2013
The average woman will have an abortion within 9 days of finding out she is pregnant
21% of all US pregnancies end in abortion

These statistics can't be just that.  There are women all over our community and our country that need our help.  Many of them believe that abortion is their only option.  Help us help First Choice and show these women that they do have another option. 

To learn more about First Choice Pregnancy Solutions, click here.

You can support Greg and I by visiting our FundEasy page here.  

We thank each of you for your help and your support!