Spring at the Harrisons

We have been working on the house a lot lately.  We love our little house and really do enjoy finding new little projects for it.

Our main goal for the last few months I mean since we moved in has been to get grass to grow in certain spots.  It is trying, it just takes time.  That is hard for someone who is not patient.  Greg has done a great job working on it.  

This weekend we found these little lights to line our walkway.  We did have some but they did not work out.  We found these at Home Depot

  No, that is not my actual yard although I would love it if it were.  

We do plan to get some stones soon to line the walkway.  I like the little flowers on the side of this picture too.  We will see what my lack of a green thumb allows to work at our house.  

I did hang up my hummingbird feeders this weekend.  I've seen a few each day getting their yummy sugar water.  Lots of people put red food coloring in the water, I'm curious how many people do that.  

We also saw some turkeys in our front yard Monday morning.  That was fun.  Life in the country.  

We will let Gnomeo continue to be our lookout for now.