Thank You

Thank you!  I was blown away on Thursday night and following with all of the sweet comments and likes on Facebook and Instagram as well as all of the texts and phone calls.  My phone has been constantly lighting up with notifications.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  

These last few weeks have been so exciting for us and we were so ready to share our news with everyone.  I promise you that there have been lots of smiles, laughs, tears and every emotion there is reading each one of the messages.  This is such a sweet time for Greg, myself and our entire family.  We are blessed to have friends and family who love us and love well.  

There have already been several students that have called dibs on babysitting.  We love our church and know that our church is behind us and praying for us often.  Baby Harrison is already loved and cared for.  He/She is one special little person.  

Again, thank you for loving our family of three.