Seamless Launch Day

This is no April Fools Joke, but Angie Smith's Seamless study comes out today!  

I am so excited about this study.  I know this is going to be a great resource for people of all walks.  Angie takes 7 weeks to cover the overall Story of Scripture.  She is very clear that she is going to leave things out.  Obviously there is a lot to cover in Scripture.  Her goal is for everyone who does this study to understand some key things about the people, places and promises in Scripture.  

I hope you will check out this study.  I know you will be blessed by it.  If you want to order the study you can check out the materials here.  

Lifeway posted the ENTIRE first session on Vimeo and you can see that here.   There are also some sneak peaks of other sessions as well on Vimeo.