Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Vacation

I'm linking up with Andrea today for Show and Tell Tuesday!  Today is all about our Favorite Vacation.  It took me all of 5 seconds to decide mine.  My honeymoon is by far my favorite vacation.  Greg and I went to Charleston, South Carolina, for our honeymoon.  We loved it!  The temperatures were great, we were right by the water, we were so relaxed and we were married!  

So pretty!  We loved walking to look at the water each day.  We even saw dolphins jumping around one day.  

Hands down, my favorite picture of us!

He was excited to tour Fort Sumter.  

Watch out!  Emily is by a really old cannon.

Do you like the Pineapple Fountain?

We loved touring Fort Sumter, but holy cow it was so windy!

In case you have not caught on, there are a lot of cannons in Charleston.  

There is a lot to do in Charleston.  We loved it.  It is a great historical city.  You can go to Fort Sumter, we walked down to The Battery a lot, walked by the water, and of course enjoyed some pralines.  We think everyone would love to see Charleston. 

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