Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! 

It is that time, time to link up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for this weeks Friday Favorites.

This has been a great week.  Here are some highlights.

If you know me at all, you know at least one thing about me.  I love my sleep.  I'm in bed by 9 or 9:30 almost every night.  I do not like to be up past my bedtime.  I do not like to make exceptions for that but sometimes you have to and Monday night was one of those times that I had to.  Greg and I wanted to watch the NCAA Mens Championship Game.  We were in our Duke blue and we cheered for our team.  If you do not know, tip off was not until 9:18.  Do not ask me why it was 9:18, I do not know.  Regardless it was a late night in the Harrison Home.  We didn't care because our team won!  We may have watched the last few minutes in our pajamas, in the bed, watching the game on our iPhones.  Don't judge me.

Wednesday, I was able to hear one of my favorite speakers.  I really enjoy listening to Kelly Minter and I'm always challenged by her.  She has 5 Bible Studies that have been published by Lifeway and I have done a couple of them.  They are great.  I posted a little more about Kelly earlier in the week.  One thing that she said that stood out to me was this...
"We lack joy when the Word of Life ceases to be central in our lives."

I so enjoyed that she spoke but that she also led us in worship in the beginning.  

If you want to watch what Kelly shared, click below.  I love that Southeastern posts their chapel messages so quickly. 

 Wednesday night was crazy for us!  We were driving home from church and the sky was so bright from all of the lightning.  In Greg's words, our faithful weatherman, there was intense cloud-to-ground lightning.  Sure.  Then this crazy sound started happening.  We had hail!  It was so loud.  My car has a few dents, but nothing compared to what some people experienced. 

Yes, Greg measured it.  Who is surprised by that?  Not me.

Spring severe weather is picking up.  This is the part that I do not miss about living in Oklahoma.  Please do not think this is normal North Carolina. 

There is a lot of excitement in our house because baseball season is here.  We have a divided house.  We have a Braves fan and a Yankees fan.  My Braves swept their first series!  Greg's Yankees can not make the same claim.  We will see what this year holds. 

Have a great weekend everyone!