Be Still and Know

I have to constantly remind myself to just sit sometimes.  I have so much trouble just sitting and resting.  I want to make sure that everything is done and even when I do sit down for a bit my mind is going a million miles a minute thinking of what is coming up.  Greg often tells me his head hurts just thinking about what is going on in my head.  Sorry buddy.  

Lately, we have had so many things come up.  Car things, unexpected medical bills, pregnancy costs, and just trying to prepare ourselves for Carson.  We have both been stressed and exhausted.  I'm sure there have been lots of moments of fear and being overwhelmed.  We both have said several times that we know God will provide because He always does, yet sometimes we still doubt that.  We still want to take situations in our own hands and try to do everything in our power to fix it. When our attempts at fixing the situation fail that is when we turn to God.  

This has been convicting me to the core lately.  I do not want to turn to the Lord after I have tried my way first, I want to turn to Him long before that.  I want to rest knowing that He is in control and I am not.  I have a feeling a lot of my stress and fear would look a lot different if I did that.  

We trust God for eternity and for salvation but often we do not trust Him for today.  He created the world, He conquered death, but He can't handle our problems?  How crazy does that sound?  I pray that I remember each day that I serve a God who can handle it.  He can handle my problems, He can handle my fears and anything else I think He can't.  He is just waiting for me.  

Today, I want to be still and to rest in the peace and rest that He has given me.