The Girls of Atomic City

I just recently learned about this book and now it is on my list of the next book to buy and read.  The Girls of Atomic City appeals to my history loving side.  I can watch World War 2 documentaries all the time.  It is fascinating to me.  

This book also appeals to me for another reason, my Grandma and her Sister were two of the girls of atomic city.   I have for years asked my Grandma questions about the time of the war and she would answer some but a lot of the time she would not.  I think for her there were a lot of reasons for not answering.  One and probably the biggest reason is that there are still a lot of things that happened at Oak Ridge that is still a secret.  I'm sure there are things that she will never tell anyone.  There are probably other things that she doesn't know herself.  I mean most women who went to work at Oak Ridge had no idea what they were going to be doing.  

This is just my speculation but I'm sure a lot of my Grandma being private about what happened is partial guilt too.  I know that no one knew the full scale of what would happen from those bombs.  

I do look forward to reading this book and to talking to my Grandma more about her time at Oak Ridge. I'm thankful that family on both sides worked hard during World War 2 and I am blessed to know some of their stories to be able to pass on to my family.  

To see some photos of life during this time at Oak Ridge, click here.  I found this link last year and think it is so interesting.