Tuesday Top Three

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I decided to make today my Tuesday Top Three.  It's the small things in life, you know.  We have to find things to celebrate throughout the week.

Our mulch beds are all done.  I can't take any credit for it, Greg did it all.  I was just his little assistant at Home Depot when he would go to get a few things.  I was also the one who convinced him that we may need a snocone break or two.  I did try to help but the first day was so hot and after ten minutes outside he looked at me and told me to go inside.  Hooray for getting all of that overgrown grass out of our mulch beds.  Greg has already thought about his next few outside projects.  I know one of them includes staining the deck.  

We have been tracking our expenses a lot more lately.  I created this spreadsheet a while back that breaks everything up into categories.  I went back through all of our receipts and charges for this year and can see where we have been spending the most.  It made my head hurt.  We have a budget but sometimes that budget gets changed, it was quite eye opening to actually see where our money was going.  Obviously, there were things that we had no control over.  It allowed me to look at some areas and think of how to cut back on them.  Even some of our monthly bills have been reevaluated and I have made calls to get some of those things lowered.  It is so exciting to see money that can be put into other categories.  As we prepare for Carson, this has been a big project and goal for us.  Every little bit of savings helps.  

Our Community Group kicks back up tonight.  Our group took a summer break which was nice but we are so ready to see our people again.  We have missed them and missed that special time on our Tuesdays.  Our meal choice is even a community group favorite, breakfast for dinner.  I love breakfast and I honestly love it more when it is not breakfast time.  I'm bringing Pancake Bites.  Instead of flipping who knows how many pancakes on my griddle, I will put my pancake batter in mini muffin pans and have little bite size pancakes.  I'm up for change sometimes, hopefully they are just as tasty.  Maybe I can eat more since they are small.