Weekend Recap: The Welcome Fall Version

I am loving seeing all of the first day of school pictures today.  So sweet.  It makes the Monday blues a little better.  I am so sad the weekend is over. 

Greg left Friday around lunch to be one of the adult leaders for our Middle School Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge so that meant I had the house to myself all evening on Friday and the majority of the day on Saturday.  Let's be honest, I HATE being by myself at night but I do enjoy having some time myself during the day.  Time to myself meant having my favorite food, baking, working on Pinterest projects with some Christmas movies and music in the background.  That my friends is the way to Emily's heart.  

I am 110% positive that I was home and in my pajamas at 4:45.  It was glorious.  Not a bad way to begin the weekend.  I had a baked potato for dinner and had limited dishes.  Hooray.  I immediately began to work on my fall craft projects.  When Greg and I found out about Carson and that he was due basically the week of Thanksgiving, we quickly had a Christmas decoration discussion.   Greg is very firm on the fact about Christmas decorations.  Hear me when I say this, Greg LOVES Christmas.  However, he wants it to be in its true season.  He does not want to hear music, watch movies or have any hint of Christmas before Thanksgiving.  There is no Christmas in July for Greg.  I have no desire to decorate pre-Thanksgiving either but I do not mind to begin the music and movies early.  

Here comes the problem, our original due date for Carson was the day after Thanksgiving aka Christmas Decorating Day at the Harrison's.   I have no desire to decorate for Christmas with a newborn at home or being about to pop at any minute.  Umm, no thank you.  I asked Greg if we could move decorating up earlier this year. He said YES!   Woohoo.  I'm thinking our Christmas decorations will go up early November.  I promise, they will not be up before Halloween.  I also knew that most people who are against early Christmas decorating early are so because they think Fall is getting the shaft.  I decided to begin fall early at my house because we are beginning Christmas early.  So everyone wins.  Below are my Fall Decorations.  There may or may not be a candy dish with candy corn already too.  No judging on a Monday people.

The little acorns and pine cones came from Kirklands as well as the Give Thanks block.  

 The coffee table is just a piece of burlap with some fall leaves.  The little square vase has gold and orange flat marbles in it. 

 My yarn wreath took the longest but it is so cheap to make.  

 Canvas, chalk paint and some fall words.  Simple.

 I told Greg I wanted to make some garland, so this is my simple attempt.  Leaves attached with some string.

 I found this little fall sign at Dollar Tree.

My little pumpkin basket came from Michaels.

On Saturday, I went shopping with my friend Kristen who is due just a few days before me.  It is her 4th but her 1st boy!  We went to find some boy clothes.  I wanted some cute little holiday outfits.  

I love the little penguin.  

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Maybe my fall decorations will bring the fall temperatures faster.  I sure hope so.