What's New Carson

Carson, you are 24 weeks and a few days.  You are as long as an ear of corn.  That doesn't seem that big, but it does compared to a poppy seed which is what you were when we found out about you.  We are so ready to meet you.  Each day we think of new things that we can't wait to share with you.  Your Daddy is already talking about watching football with you.  Let's be honest, Mommy is ready for that too.  In case you do not know little buddy, Mommy loves college football and Daddy loves pro football.  

Your wardrobe is also beginning to reflect Mommy and Daddy's love for their teams.  Daddy insisted that you are ready for the Jets games so you have a Jets onesie, a Jets hat, Jets socks and a Jets bib.  Don't worry, but Pops and Mimi have also got you about 6 different Arkansas Razorback outfits too little man.  You are set for football season.  Your Daddy is hoping that you are the answer to the long streak of Jet season letdowns.  At least he will have someone to share his sorrow with.  

I think you are working on your music skills so you can play with your Dad, Uncle Josh and Chad one day.  You love to kick and you are on beat.  We are not sure if you will play drums or piano.  Maybe you will play both just like Dad.  

Your room is 99% done too.  Mommy and Daddy are a little biased, but we think it is the cutest nursery ever.  We think you will love it too.  All that is left is the creations that your Uncle Wes is making for it.  He has your name in wood letters to put over your crib and has made three bookshelves to put on your wall.  They are almost done and will be here soon all the way from Arkansas.  You are one loved little man.  We have been given clothes, diapers, toys, bottles, and all kinds of things that are just for you.  Everyone is ready to meet you.  

In a few weeks, we will get to see you again.  Mommy will also have just taken her glucose test so hopefully I'll be in a good mood.  I know seeing you will be the best part of the day.  

We love you buddy!  Keep growing and keep kicking in there.  See you in a few months.