Friday Favorites

It's Friday, I thought this day would never come.  It has been a crazy week so bring on the weekend.  

I'm linking up today for Friday Favorites with Andrea, Erika and Narci.  

One: My Hydro Flask
I went to see the doctor last week and was told to drink more water with this pregnancy.  In my defense, they told me that they have told everyone that because of how hot it is.  A month or two ago, Greg ordered us both a Hydro Flask.  We LOVE them.  I have mine with me all the time.  It has been perfect for my water.  I love ice cold water and the problem with that is that most glasses and cups sweat and I do not like that.  The Hydro Flask keeps my water cold forever and does not sweat.  Greg left his outside while he worked in the yard for hours and he still had ice in it when he came inside.  I'm telling you these things are wonderful.  His favorite review online was a soldier in Afghanistan who had his on him all day and still had cold water in the middle of the desert.  Sold!  We did order different color ones so we know which one is ours.  

Two: Football Season
Football season is so close.  College football is a little less than a month away but the NFL is starting much sooner which makes Greg very happy.  Football starting means that fall is coming and I am excited about that even more.  I blogged on Wednesday about some of our favorite football game snacks.  

Even Carson is ready for football when he makes his appearance in November.

Three: Minions
I love those little yellow guys.  They crack me up.  I saw this meme last week and I still find it so funny.  I thought everyone would benefit from a little Friday humor from a Minion.

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'm off to hopefully finish up some yard work this weekend and see what other projects I can finish before Carson comes.