Friday Favorites

Hello Friday, it is so nice to see you!  I'm all ready for Friday Favorites today with Andrea and for the weekend.

A few weeks ago, I made a Facebook post to sell pans of cinnamon rolls to raise money for my friends Cameron and Amy as they are trying to adopt a new baby.  I never dreamed that I would have sold so many pans.  This has been one of the coolest things I have been able to take part in for friends.  This weekend I will finish up the majority of those pans.  I will have made about 65 pans of cinnamon rolls.  Thank you so much to everyone who ordered a pan.   You can learn more about Cameron and Amy and their adoption here.  If you feel led to give, I know they would be so thankful.

My other favorite this week was all of the ideas for kids parties.  There are so many creative people.  I shared my favorite kids party that I have planned here for Show and Tell Tuesday.

I think everyone's favorite has been this incredibly perfect weather lately.  Who doesn't love 70 degree weather in March?  However, we have snow in our forecast for Sunday.  Yes, it is currently 75 degrees outside.  

March Madness is almost here.  We have been watching the ACC & SEC tournaments.  I'm trying to think what kind of fun little contest Greg and I can have for our brackets.  I think it is time for all of us to get some new Duke shirts. 

Sorry Carson, but I don't think your shirt from last year is going to fit you this year.  

Speaking of Carson, he is always my favorite.  He has been so funny lately and I wrote a little update on him earlier this week.  Isn't he the best?  I think so.

Have a great weekend everyone.  If you need me you will find me making cinnamon rolls, or finally using my giftcard to Cheesecake Factory that we were supposed to use on my birthday or laughing at the fact that it is snowing in March.  

I've also linked up for Five on Friday with April and Christina.