Show and Tell Tuesday: Top Five Pics

Happy Tuesday friends.  Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.  Today is our Top Five Pics of all time.  


This is me and my brother Wesley.  I think this picture is perfect.  I have tried to convince my brother we should recreate this as adults.  
This is actually my brother again.  This picture was taken on my first mission trip to Nicaragua.  I love that you can see the dirt on his hands from working but then the beauty that is him taking a moment to stop and sit with a precious little boy.  

 Trying to find a favorite of Carson was so hard.  However, this one captures his personality to me.  He does what he wants to do and he just has the cool factor.

This was our very first family photo.  I love it so much.  What a great day that was.

This one was a no brainer for me.  This is us on our first full day of our honeymoon in Charleston.  This is my absolute favorite and has been framed on my desk at work ever since. 

Thanks for the link up Andrea and I'll see you all tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday.