Life Lately

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I thought today would be a good day for a little life lately.

We have been reading books while we wait for the doctor to tell us our ears are infection free!
We are super serious while we play with the peg board at daycare.  
We are rocking our winter gear for a little while longer.  I love his Arkansas hat.  It has a pocket, not sure why but it does.

We are having way too much fun with SnapChat filters.  You are going to jail little bunny.
We are getting used to haircut #3 while we enjoy our grilled cheese.
We are not sure where all the tacos went and refuse to smile for a picture with our friends at Taco Bell.
We like to show off how big we are looking in our 2T Mickey Mouse jammies.

We are also sad that Duke and Arkansas are no longer playing basketball.  March Madness is now sad at our house.