Life Lately

Our evening discussions lately have seemed to be focused on three things...

Cinnamon rolls, ear infections and weird weather.  Yes, that is life lately for us.

I'm down to less than 10 pans of cinnamon rolls to make.  I can't remember what my house smelled like before the invasion of yeast and cinnamon.  We will find out soon.  

I know it is March and we are only a few days away from Spring Forward but all of these crazy temperatures have made getting ready each day very difficult.  I'm also going to blame the weather for the buddy getting an ear infection.  He came home on Tuesday around lunchtime and the doctor confirmed the infection by 1:40.  Hello pink medicine.  

Oh, and we have some scratches on our face because we like to be brave on the playground and then we faceplant in the mulch.  

We were all very happy when Friday came.  We had a crazy messy dinner of spaghetti followed by an evening of grocery shopping.  I know what you are thinking.  We know how to party on a Friday night.
Carson was a big fan of the free samples and his cookie at Publix.

Saturday morning was breakfast at Chick-fil-a followed by looking for protein bars and shakes at Sams.  I'm telling you, we know how to have fun on a weekend.  

Carson had fun taking pictures with his friends at church on Saturday night.
By Sunday, we all felt like this.
I will finish up the majority of my cinnamon rolls this week and try to wrap my head around the fact that it is March.