4th of July Fun

I'm sure many of you are like me in that you feel like you were hit by a freight train this morning when your alarm went off.  Happy 5th of July everyone.

We had such a great day yesterday.  We spent the entire day at home and it was wonderful.

Someone wanted to be crazy all morning.  I was finishing up picking up the house for our friends to come over and Greg was working on our new backsplash.  Carson decided he needed more attention so decided to climb the couch.  Luckily we avoided a trip to the ER on our day off.
Greg hasn't finished yet, but the backsplash looks amazing.  This is first piece or two he put up.  I will wait til he is finished to show the rest.  I promise you that it is looking awesome.  
Carson and I made these for our lunch.  Thank you Andrea for the recipe.  We loved them.  
We made firecracker dogs, The Pioneer Woman Shells & Cheese, and baked beans for our lunch with friends. 

These two had so much fun playing together.  I love Carson's look in the last picture.  I'm pretty sure he is saying that is not what the book says, you made that up.  
We spent the rest of the afternoon having family time.  Greg worked more on the backsplash, I did the dishes and Carson enjoyed some Winnie the Pooh.
Carson went to play for a little bit and it was very quiet all of a sudden.  Normally that is not a promising thing.  However, I went to find him and found this...
He just wanted to go read in peace.  So sweet.  
Daddy wanted to play with Carson so the boys decided to run and play.  
After play time it was time to get the grill fired up for dinner.  We had put some chicken in a brine and then grilled it along with corn on the cob.  We had some roasted red potatoes too.
We ended our night with outside time.  Carson wanted to play in the water and have some sprinkler fun.
We loved our day but all day we had my sweet Grandma in mind.  Last year we were celebrating with her and she was meeting Carson for the first time. 
She passed away not long after.  You can see in the picture that she is wearing her 4th of July flag pin and earrings.  I wore those in her memory yesterday.  We miss you Grandma.

We hope you all had a great 4th of July with family too!