Kitchen Update

A few weeks ago I shared a tour of our home and had a picture or two of our kitchen.  We recently made a pretty big change to the look of our kitchen.  We added backsplash.  We love it!  
This is what our kitchen used to look like.  
First we added these three under the cabinet lights.  They have come in handy.  They are battery powered so we did not have to do any electrical work.  Hallelujah.  

I can't take the credit for this project because Greg did it all!  My job was to pick up the sample tiles, return the ones we didn't like and clean up the mess as he went along.  Yes sir.  That is the best for everyone involved.  We bought the tiles at Home Depot.  They were ones that you had to peel and stick.  We wanted that because we didn't want to have to mess with the grout.  It still took a while because of all of the cutting and trimming them to fit, but a little easier.  
All done!  It makes the kitchen look so different.  We love how it turned out.