Tuesday Talk

It's time for Tuesday Talk with Ashley and Erika.  I think this is such a fun link up.  
Let's chat friends.  

I've thought long and hard about this post and I think it is finally time.  

My name is Emily and I work outside of the home.  I only have one child and I love my life.

I was reading a post that a friend of mine on facebook shared and it broke my heart that it had to be shared. 

This Mom was sharing about the hurtful comments that have been told to her because she chooses to work outside of the home.  I hated that as I read along that I related so much to what she was saying.  She talked about things like "I don't know how you leave your child everyday.  I love mine too much to do that" or "I don't want to miss watching __________ grow up."

The one that really got me and that I've heard way too many times is "I don't want a babysitter or a daycare raising my child."  I loved that this lady talked about the phrase that it takes a village to raise a child.  

I 110% agree with that phrase.  I can't imagine trying to raise my little man on my own.  I love that he gets to spend time each day with women at daycare who love him to the moon and back.  I can't even begin to express the blessing to our family that is his daycare teachers.  They LOVE my son and they love him something fierce.  I also love that they do craft projects with him and teach him things that to be honest I would never do.  Why?  Because I'm not gifted like that.  I don't find joy in taking the time to work on art projects with him.  

I love that there are parents in this world who are fantastic at this and that they have the ability and desire to stay home with their kids.  I think it's great.  I really do.  I also know that for some women that is just not possible.  For some women, it is not financially possible and daycare is the best option.  Some women, genuinely love being able to work outside the home.  

Whether you work outside the home, you stay at home with your kids, you homeschool, or whatever you do just remember that what works best is different for each family.  Those of us who work outside the home need the friendship and help from those that stay at home and those who stay at home need the friendship and support from those of us who work outside the home.  

None of us have time to make each other feel bad for how we parent.  There is already an enemy out there that wants nothing more than to destroy our families.  We need to work together and support each other.  Parenting is hard enough already.  I am thankful to have friends who get this and who know that the only way any of us are going to succeed is together.