Show and Tell Tuesday: What's On My Phone?

Hello Tuesday!  I know it's just July but I have to do a little Christmas work this morning.  One of the things we plan to do this year has tickets that go on sale today.  They sell out every year so today is the day to buy them.

It's also Show and Tell Tuesday so I'm linking up with Andrea to share what's on our phones.
 If you can't take part this time, here is the schedule for the rest of the year.
Here is what's on my phone.

Sometimes I just look at my lock screen to see these two cuties.
They are my favorite.  
Here is my home screen.  It stresses me out to have any notifications on my app.  I can't stand it.  I want it to look clean and yes my apps are in alphabetical order.  

So we bought an Amazon Echo on prime day so we now have the Alexa app.  College football is on the horizon so my Razorback app is all ready.  It's currently baseball season so MLB At Bat is a daily app for me.  I love that I can program it to be the Braves logo.  

RadarScope is a very popular one in our house. Greg is a weather geek so we like to have the best radar app to be able to track those storms.  REX Wellness is our gym app.  If you don't have Waze, you must.  It is the best for driving and navigation.  It updates often and the users can add things like construction, traffic, hazards on the road, etc.  We love it.  I also love that sometimes you get fun voices like C3PO or Mr. T.  

Page 2 has a lot of apps as well but they are all in folders.  
This is one of my most popular folders and it is used almost daily!  I've talked about my rebate usage here and here.

Some other ones of note on this page are my apps for Sam's Club, Chick-fil-A, Target Cartwheel, and P Tracker.  I use that one to track cycles.  

I think that is the basics of my phone.  Thanks for reading!  See you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday.