Thursday Three

I still don't feel recovered from Tuesday.  I'm ready for some rest.  I thought today would be a great day for a Thursday Three.  Here goes.

I'm beginning to look for my next Erin Condren Life Planner. I've had the horizontal and the hourly layout.  I'm tempted to try the Vertical layout this time.  For those of you who use LifePlanners, which layout is your favorite and why?  
This is the one I had in 2016 and this is the one I have this year.
If you are interested in trying a LifePlanner of your own, you can use my referral code here.  I love these products. 

I am looking for someone who has wanted to try Rodan + Fields and specifically the Unblemish Regimen.   I am loving the results of my Preferred Customers but at this time I don't have anyone who uses Unblemish.  I would love to change that.  If you have not tried Rodan + Fields and Unblemish is the one you have wanted to try, please comment or e-mail me at  I have a special deal that I would love to share with you.  Unblemish is our regimen for acne. 

Help!  We were at Home Depot buying our tiles for the backsplash and saw this patio set.  It said online only and when we went to look online we could not find it.  We would love something similar to this.  Have any of you seen something like this anywhere?  I may go back to the store and ask today to see what they suggest. 

Have a great Thursday friends!