Friday Favorites

It's Friday everyone!  Woohoo.  Apparently I am in need of Friday.  I forgot to publish my post yesterday.  I had it done and just didn't hit publish.  Goodness gracious.  This heat is going to my head apparently.  Sorry about that.
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I was at Target yesterday and one of the things on my list was diapers for the buddy.  I had 5 $2 coupons so I had planned to get at least 3 packs.  However, when I saw the Snug & Dry diapers for $6.78 on clearance, I decided to get 5 packs.  A favorite is definitely getting diapers for $4.78 per pack.  I also hit my next Perk level on Cartwheel.  Target, you are a favorite.  

This is going to be a favorite for a while!  We finished our backsplash this past weekend and I could not love it anymore.  

This kid is such a ham.  I can't stand it.  So many of my friends say how they miss the baby stage.  I'm sorry, but I don't.  I love this age with Carson.  He is so funny and watching his vocabulary grow everyday is the best.  I'm hoping the more words he learns, the less I will hear him tell me no.  I think I may need to keep my fingers crossed on that one.
 I can definitely get on board with him helping me unload the dishwasher. 

I'm sure many of you read the Big Mama blog and love Melanie's books.  I do too and I was so happy to get this e-mail on Tuesday!
I love being on launch teams!  Such a fun thing to do.  My advanced copy should be here very soon.  I can't wait.

I chose to save the best for last!  I'm going to be an aunt and even better an aunt to a little boy!  We found out last week that my brother and his wife have a little boy on the way.  I'm deep in baby shower planning mode with my Mom.  We can't wait.  The best part is that Baby Gummy Bear as we have lovingly call him and Carson are going to have close birthdays.  

Have a great weekend everyone!  See you on Monday for our weekend recap. 
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