Workin it Wednesday: Over the Weekend

Hey friends, this is normally a post you see on Monday but I saved it today to join in on the Workin It Wednesday link up with Erika and Shay.
Here is a glimpse into our weekend.  

Most Friday nights we either eat dinner at home or get something out before heading to Sam's.  This past Friday, I wasn't feeling great so we stayed home.  We had a Broccoli Chicken Casserole and were all in our pajamas early.  
Greg and I did play some Wii bowling.
He won two games and I won one.  We decided that Greg would take Carson to swim lessons on Saturday morning instead of me so I wouldn't be coughing on a bunch of little toddlers. 
 While the boys were swimming, I went to get groceries.  We were all home by 10.  Woohoo.  We grilled hot dogs for lunch and had our favorite fries with them.  Carson napped and Greg and I worked around the house the rest of the afternoon.  He was finishing up our backsplash.  Carson and I did make some Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies when he woke up and they were quite tasty.
Saturday nights for us mean going to the Saturday Night Service at church and Taco Bell afterwards.  Someone was a little energetic at dinner.

After we got home from dinner, Greg finished up our backsplash.  Hooray!
Sunday morning I had a little helper with the dishes after breakfast.  Train them up when they are young.
We went back to church for small groups and then came home for lunch afterwards.  Carson napped and I went to the gym.  I walked a few miles before heading to Sam's.  
I was pretty tempted to get this and then realized how many blocks would be all over my house constantly.  No thank you.  
Carson wasn't feeling it when he woke up.  It took him a while to fully come back to his lively personality but then he was ready to go.  

We made Crouton Chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and rolls for dinner before having some more wii fun.

Thanks for the fun link up girls.