Carson's Big Boy Room

The time has come to say goodbye to the Snoopy nursery and turn it in to a big boy room!  

We knew that we wouldn't keep the Snoopy room forever and we planned to change the room to a baseball theme.  

We both love baseball and knew it would be a great boy room.  We had a Yankee stadium picture from Target that we have had in our house for a while.  We went to Hobby Lobby to get the rest of the room inspiration.

I loved how it turned out.  Come see Carson's new big boy room.
 Why count sheep when you can count home runs?  We found this picture at Hobby Lobby.
 The Little Slugger sign is from Hobby Lobby and the two baseballs and little sign on the shelf are from Amazon.  The little sign says "In baseball as in life the important things happen at home." We have a Yankees baseball and a Braves baseball, because we are a divided household.  
 The middle picture is the one from Target, the metal baseball player is from Hobby Lobby and the Babe Ruth sign on the left is from Amazon.
We kept the Carson letters up and his bookshelves.  

In case you were worried that Snoopy is completely gone, take heart that Carson still has about 6 Snoopy stuffed animals and all he wanted to play with last night was the little Peanuts Funko characters.  

Carson says thanks for checking out his new room.