8 Months of Carson

Carson is now 8 months old.  I know he will be 1 before I know it.  Time goes so fast.

He is weighing in 19.6 pounds and is rocking the 6-9 month clothing.  He has consistently moved up in clothes right on track.  However, I'm not convinced he will make it to 9 months before needing to change clothes.  Some of those onesies are a struggle to get his head through.  

He loves to move.  He is rocking what we call the inch worm crawl, loves to roll over to get where he wants, and would jump for hours if we let him.  He likes to work on pulling himself up and to take a few steps with Daddy holding his hands.  He is a champion sleeper.  Most nights he is down at 7:30 and asleep until 7 when I wake him to get ready for daycare.  

He loves food, seeing his Dad come home from work, playing in the bathtub, and Miss Ashley on Saturday nights at The Creek.  He hates having his hair brushed and he lets you know that he is not happy that he finished his bottle so soon.

He is so fun and we are looking forward to watching him continue to grow.