Stranded With Some Famous People

Oh no, I'm stranded again.  Lucky for me I am stranded with three famous people today.  That's right, it is time to link up with Erika and Shay for their Stranded With link up.
I thought long and hard on this one and here are my three famous people who I would choose to be Stranded With.

I have loved Reese for years.  I feel like she is the Southern Belle that we all wish we were.  Everytime I see her give an interview I just think how fun she would be to hang out with.

I know I would need to laugh a lot if I was stranded so that made this choice a no brainer.  Maybe we could play with some classroom instruments or write thank you notes too.

And last but not least I would want to talk all about renovations and how to make this deserted island look wonderful and there is only one person for that job.

I'm excited to see who everyone else picks.