Back to Reality

We are all back and all relatively healthy after our little trip to Tennessee last week.  Yes, my Monday post vacation hangover is gone and I'm ready to get back to normal.  Whatever normal is for us.

We had a great time in Tennessee.  Carson got to meet three of his great grandparents, see his Grandpa, and meet lots of uncles, aunts and cousins.  

His carry on is packed and ready to go. 
Ready for his first roadtrip.  This is the why in the world did we leave at 5am face?
This is what happens after you realize that you are still in the car.

Apparently hearing the dog cry and Grandpa make a similar noise is hilarious after a long drive.

Someone was a little wore out the next day but that did not stop him from getting some cuddles and playtime.  

 Carson loved playing with Clyde. 

Carson may need to go to flight school.  His poor passengers on the plane had a lot of turbulence and the female passenger was hanging out of the window.  

Someone was ready for a nap after a busy day. 

Monday we had some grilled BBQ chicken, Carson may have had a bite of chocolate pie and he had more family fun.  He also loved playing in his little swimming pool.  We love our water baby. 

Tuesday we had lunch with some family, played a little more and said our goodbyes.

We headed back to NC on Wednesday.  It is safe to say that we were wore out from all of the family fun.
We had a great time on our little roadtrip.