Weekend Recap: Fair, Funnel Cake and Firetrucks

If you see me today and I have bags under my eyes it is because I'm so tired from our busy weekend.  We had a great weekend but I didn't get a single nap and that is very sad in my book.

Friday night we decided to try and be cool.  You heard that right, we spent our Friday night at Sam's Club.  We ordered a hot dog, a hot dog combo and a pizza combo and spent a little over $5 for dinner.  We bought a few things we needed and went home.  I'm pretty sure we were in our pajamas by 7:30.  That is how you Friday night.  
Saturday morning we were up early to head to the State Fair with friends.  We joke that Carson has his head on a constant swivel.  He watches everything.  Greg would tell that is probably one of his favorite things about Carson.  Carson is so observant and wants to always know what is going on.  He was not happy that everyone had fair food before he did. 
 Come here biscuit.  I'm a hungry boy.
 It was so bright.  The sunglasses did not last long. 
 Going to the fair early in the morning is the way to go.  It was packed by the time we left.
 Get in my belly funnel cake. 

 One of our friends tried the Deep Fried Gummy Bear.  We will stick with the funnel cake. 
 Okay Mom, I'm ready for my nap. 
 One last stop to get some kettle corn and a pic with my munchkin.

After we got home the little guy took his bath and then we took his 11 month pictures because we have an 11 month old now.  More about that tomorrow.  I can't believe it is almost birthday time for the little buddy.  

Carson and I were wore out on Saturday night and didn't feel the best so we missed our small group pumpkin carving party.  Carson decided he would cheer on the Razorbacks that night but I don't think we cheered hard enough.  It was ugly and we went to bed early.  We couldn't bear to watch.  Carson was tackling better than the Razorbacks.

Sunday morning we were up early for church.  I had made a pot of stew to put in the crockpot to have when we got home however our veggies were still hard as a rock when we got home so tomato soup and grilled cheese to the rescue.  The stew will be great for dinner on a Monday night.  

Sunday night was our Harvest Festival at church and I think it was the best one yet.  There was a Ferris Wheel in the parking lot at church.  My favorite part is always the food trucks and of course Chirba Chirba did not disappoint.  My favorite are the Bayside Chive Dumplings.  Sorry I don't have a picture of them.  I was too hungry to pause for that.  

We are all ready for a nap after that crazy weekend.  We hope you had a great weekend!