Carson the 11 Month Old

We now have an 11 month old in our house.  I'm not sure how that happened.  The birthday party planning is in full swing and that seems crazy to me.  

Carson is the happiest little guy I know.  He is into everything.  He is a pro at walking with assistance but as soon as you let go he sits down.  He will eat anything you put in front of him and often wants more.  He is slowly saying peace out to his bottles.  He just wants milk in a sippy cup.  

He likes to pull the pots and the pans out of the cabinets and play in our Amazon boxes.  He has four teeth and has three more that are about to come through any day. 

He is weighing in at 22.8 pounds.  He wears 9-12 month clothes but I don't know how much longer we have in those.  He likes to say Dada, Mama, Baba, and woah.  He can sign all done, more, stop and he is working on please and thank you.  

He is such a fun little guy and his personality is blooming more and more.  

We clearly have to work on being gentle with this little guy.  

You can look at the other months of Carson below.