Weekend Recap: Hurricane Edition

Goodbye Hurricane Matthew!  You will not be missed.  Our weekend was consumed by Hurricane Matthew.  

Friday night we had bought tickets to see Phil Wickham at our church and we were so glad that the rain had not started yet.  The munchkin spent time with his grandparents and clearly he had as much fun as Mom and Dad.  

By the time we woke up on Saturday morning the rain had already started and it continued all day long.  We decided it was going to be a pajama kind of day.  We enjoyed our breakfast, played all day and kept everything charged up.  Thankfully we did not loose power but we had a lot of flickering.  Riding your tricycle inside and playing in Amazon boxes is what you do on rainy days. 

Our backyard had a river in it, our ditches were full, and a few branches fell in our yard.  It could have been so much worse.  Greg thinks we had a little over 7 inches of rain.  

Sunday morning we went to church and went to a friends house to watch the Jets play the Steelers.  The buddy was ready to cheer for his team even though they lost.
He also practiced his standing and was trying so hard to walk.

After the game he made a request for Texas Roadhouse.  Secretly he just wanted the rolls and some mac and cheese.  Mom and Dad didn't mind the steak.
My boy does not play when it is time to eat.  

I hope you all had a great weekend and that if you are still without power that it comes back quickly.