Weekend Recap

I hope all of you had a great weekend.  We had a pretty good one at our house.  Nothing too crazy but just enough crazy.

Friday night I had an event at work so it was just the boys.  Everyone was still in one piece when I came home so all is well.  I had a little Carson time before I left and apparently he was wore out from a busy week.  He passed out on my lap at 5pm.  
Saturday morning we had pictures with Gia.  We are all excited to see what all she got.  The boys were ready to play.  We were not ready for the little man to eat leaves during picture time.  

Saturday afternoon was the perfect time for some Sonic ice cream and a few errands.  I love time with my boys.  Especially this one.  

After church on Saturday, we came home and watched Arkansas beat Ole Miss.  It was such a great game.  Hopefully we can beat Auburn this weekend.  It may be time to bring these out this coming weekend.  

Sunday morning was a great day for homemade biscuits.  My Mom and my Mema make the best biscuits so Carson made a biscuit request.  He loved them and wants them every Sunday now.
Sunday afternoon the boys went to see Grammy and Pappy and I stayed home to do a little uninterrupted cleaning.  I may or may not have listened to some Christmas music.  

We ended our weekend with some cuddles and some Bible story time.