Show and Tell Tuesday: The Quirks and All

Happy Show and Tell Tuesday everyone!  I'm linking up with Andrea for this fun linky party.   Please join in on the fun.  Grab the graphic above and link back to Andrea's page.  Today is all about our quirks, nicknames, phobias and what makes us who we are.  

Let's start with the quirks...
I still drink Nesquick.  Judge me all you want but I love chocolate milk.  When I was pregnant that was one of two things that I had consistently during the pregnancy that did not make me sick.  That and chips & salsa.  

I also would totally eat on a sectional plate every day if I wouldn't get dirty looks.  I hate when my food touches.  I don't have time for that.  

On to the nicknames...
My name is Emily so naturally I get a lot of Em, Ems, and Emmy.  I've heard M&M way too many times.  My Mom always called me Sadie Lou.  I have no idea where that one came from but I heard Sadie a lot from my Mom.  Greg typically calls me Em.  

Umm snakes and spiders.  Moving on.  

Seriously, I don't really like bugs of any kind.  Anything that slithers just stay away from me.  There was a period after I broke my knee that I would use my crutches to kill bugs so that I didn't have to get too close to them.  

Now for what makes me me.
 I am the oldest of two.  I am a typical oldest child who married an oldest child and we have one child ourselves.  I grew up in beautiful Northwest Arkansas and always had friends but never felt like I fit in where I thought I should.  I have dealt with a stuttering problem for the majority of my life.  There are so many people who don't even know about it now because I have worked very hard to get rid of it.  I believe 110% that I no longer struggle as much because I have more confidence in myself now.  If you want to read a little more about that journey click here.  

My family, friends and my church family mean so much to me.  I look forward to reading what everyone else has to say about themselves. 

 Thank you Andrea for another fun link up! 

For my local friends, we are having a Rodan + Fields Lash Bash this Thursday.  If you have any questions about Rodan + Fields click here or e-mail me at