Show and Tell Tuesday: Home Tours

I love when Andrea does Show and Tell posts.  Today is all about our homes.
 Grab the graphic and link up with us.
Welcome to our home and to what it looks like covered in snow.
We recently pulled up what was planted on the left and added some day lilies.  
Sometimes on the right side of the house you see our huge bushes that need to be trimmed and a unwanted guest.
 This is one of the first pictures I took of my kitchen for my first Show and Tell home tour post.
This is a picture now of my counter with our red, white and blue decor.
The barstools came from At Home.  We love them!

Our kitchen, dining room and living room all are one big room.

 The couch is from Haverty's and the coffee table is from IKEA.
The It Is Well wall decor came from Hobby Lobby.  Yes, I was watching FRIENDS while taking my pictures.

Carson's room has been a Snoopy nursery but I'm planning to change that over this year.  Our plan is to go vintage baseball in his room. Come check his room out.

 My brother built the book shelves and the Carson letters.

Our extra bedroom has a full size bed in it but the boys use it for this purpose.
Yes, we play a lot of drums in our house.  But the other main use for this room is when Grandpa and Mimi come to visit. The bedding came from Target.

Our master bedroom is pretty simple at the moment.  I am planning to move the wall art from above our bed to put in the guest room.

I hope to hang this piece above our bed with our engagement photo canvases from the living room.
We love to look out at our backyard too.  We hope to add a playlet out there soon for the buddy.
Thanks for coming by our home.  We love our little home.