Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends.  I missed you all last Friday, but it was nice to start the weekend a little early.  I am back this week for Friday Favorites with Andrea, Erika and Narci.
I loved seeing all of the home tours on Tuesday for Show and Tell Tuesday.  If you missed it, you can check all of them out here on Andrea's post.  

Here are a few pictures from mine and my home tour post is here

I have posted many times about my love for grocery rebates but it is seriously the best.  This week alone, I had one item qualify on more than one of my grocery rebate apps.  I was buying Carson some Pampers Splashers for his swim lessons and I had a $2 coupon and two of my apps had $2 rebates as well.  They ended up being a little over $2 for me after the coupons and rebates.  I've talked some in the past about those apps here.
99% of the time I at least have one rebate with Ibotta and Mobisave.  I always scan my receipts on Receipt Hog and for everything.  I'll scan restaurant and gas receipts on it too.  You get coins based on what you spend.   It is so easy.  Shopkick gives you kicks just for walking in the door at some places.  I've gotten back over $500 at Ibotta.  It pays off, I promise. 

I've been wanting to change up Carson's room for a while.  I found these two signs on Amazon.  We want to do a vintage baseball look.  Greg is a huge Yankees fan so we thought these two would be a great start.  We are looking for more suggestions though.  Thinking about all the fun of changing up Carson's room has been a favorite.
My little buddy has been cracking me up all week.  He is such a boy but he is so affectionate at the same time.  He is always giving hugs and always wanting to be right beside us.  I'm ready for a weekend with my favorite little guy.

I am loving the new bundle with Rodan + Fields.  You can get a Regimen and a Lash Boost bundle and save 20%.  If you are a Preferred Customer, you get an additional 10%.  These savings are a favorite for everyone.  Not to mention, you will have great looking skin and lashes.
Let's talk about how we can get great results for you too!
E-mail me at and we can talk about this great bundle.

Have a great holiday weekend and happy last day of June!