A Whole Mixture of Emotions

I am still in shock most days that there is a little person growing inside of me.  I have been asked many times how I'm feeling.  My answer could be different at any moment of the day.  Greg and I are thrilled to welcome a new little person into our lives.  We are over the moon to become parents, but that does not mean that we are not scared, overwhelmed, nervous and every other emotion you can think of.  

This is so new for us and we are taking this journey one day at a time.  It is true that you are never truly ready to be a parent.  We know that we could probably be a little more mature, probably be a little more established, and obviously have a little more financial security but that is not the point.  The point is that in this moment the Lord has called us to be parents.  All we can do is to trust and do the best we can to give this little baby all that we can.  We know that God has called us to do this and that He will provide for us.

How are we feeling?  We feel that Peanut has already rocked our world and that we are anxiously awaiting November.  These are sweet times for our family and we are so thankful for everyone who has encouraged us and celebrated with us so far.