Baby Help!

To all of my Mommy friends, I need your help.  I know in the coming weeks we will begin the process of creating our registry for Peanut.  There are so many and my so many I mean too many options out there. 

What has worked best for you?  What are the things that we NEED, the things that make life a little EASIER, and just great things to add to a registry.  

I'm curious to know if certain things worked better for a boy rather than a girl.  I'm new at this and I'm trying to see what will make this a great transition for us.  I know that everyone has their opinion on THE products to have and that there will be difference of opinions.  I'm taking this as a guide and a resource to use in the future.  

This is a post about items for the registry.  I'm really hoping for Moms to answer who are in the middle of this stage themselves.  My Mom has given me suggestions but she also said that she hasn't had a baby in 20 something years so the things that she used have been modified and changed some.  

Thank you in advance for all of your help as we prepare for Baby Harrison!