Friday Favorites: Summer Edition

Summer is fast approaching.  I'm ready for more grilling, the beach, baseball, and lots of friend time.

Today's Friday Favorites are all about how I plan to make the most out of my summer.  I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci who make great hosts for Friday Favorites.  

Let's Grill
For Christmas, Greg got a lot of grilling items.  We are ready to make full use out of those Pampered Chef items.  We have used some of them but not all of them yet.  

Skewer Rack

Grill Basket

BBQ Vegetable Rack

I see lots of kabobs, grilled corn, and who knows what else in our future.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Greg and I both love our baseball.  There is nothing better in the summer than a hot dog, peanuts, and some baseball.  We plan to go cheer on the Durham Bulls a lot this summer. 

Beaches and Friend Time
The summer is not complete without making a trip to the beach and to spend time with our friends.  I know we will have cookouts and spend time just enjoying the summer. 

I'm sure our summer will include a weekend trip or two and some work on the nursery for little Peanut.  

Summer is almost here!  Time to make the most of it.  Happy Friday everyone!