Summer Bible Studies

Summer is a great time to try new things.  I feel like I always have more time to do things that I enjoy when summer rolls around.  I like to try new books, new home projects, and new Bible studies.  

There are three Bible studies that I wanted to share that would make the perfect Bible study for your summer.  Two of them are through Lifeway and the other is one with Jen Wilkin and the Flower Mound Women's Bible Study.  

Lifeway announced today that they are featuring two studies this summer online!  You can read the full article here.  Both of the studies they are offering are 7 weeks.  What a great study made for the summer!  One is Seamless by Angie Smith and the other is What Love Is by Kelly Minter.  

The third study that I think would be a great fit is a study on Ruth. This study is meant to go for 8 weeks.  The workbook for this study can be found by clicking on the image below.  It is not very long and can be printed at home easily.

Let me know if you and your friends take part in any of these studies this summer!