Forcing Myself to Say No to Target

Let's be honest...this girl loves going to Target.  I could walk up and down every aisle and take hours.  For Greg's benefit and for the sake of our budget, I do not do this very often.  I have to admit though that this overpowering desire to do this has only intensified since we found out about Peanut.  I want to look at all of the clothes, all of the strollers, baby bedding, etc.  I have to tell myself no and it is so so hard!

We probably will wait until we find out gender before we do the bulk of our shopping and before we create our registry but who knows.  That could still be a little while and I'm not sure how long I can contain my shopping fun.  

We did buy two used dressers yesterday and Greg's project will be to get them ready for Peanut's room.  My brother is going to be building a crib for Peanut this summer so we might be done in the furniture department for Peanut!  Yay!  My project is to take the room that will become the nursery and organize it.  I have to figure out what to do with the few furniture pieces in there and clean out that closet.  
This is the type of crib we are thinking.  It is so pretty!
My favorite baby project right now involves finding ideas on Pinterest.  My Aunt sent me a link on Pinterest last night about finding the items that you need for your baby.  It was a lot of fun.  It asks you a series of questions to best determine what you will need for that little bundle of joy.  Check it out here

We are always looking for great ideas for our first little person.  What are your best budget friendly baby ideas?