Happy Tears

Sunday was special.  I think I ended my day with quite a few happy tears.  I am still in amazement at the blessing that was Sunday for me.  Greg made sure to celebrate Sunday as my first Mother's Day.  No we have not met little Baby Harrison, but that little baby has already stolen the show at our house and in our family.  I know that many people probably think it is silly to celebrate Mother's Day when you haven't met your baby yet but I am so glad we did.  

Baby Harrison, you are loved.  We think about you every day and are constantly imagining what you will be like.  We wonder if you will have Daddy's musical ability, if you will have Mommy's stellar vision, if you will like sports like Mommy and Daddy, who you will look most like, and so on.  Every day I am reminded of how special you are and how I am so ready to meet you.  

Your Daddy and I are ready to see how you have grown these past few weeks when we go to the doctor this week.  We love our little Baby Harrison.  See you Friday Peanut!