What's Up Wednesday

Today, I'm linking up for my first What's Up Wednesday with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer

This link up is the last Wednesday of each month and answers the following questions plus a bonus question each month.  Here goes.  

What We're Eating This Week
Greg and I had every intent to grill a lot this week but we have thunderstorm chances every day so that's going to change.  Today, we are having French Dip Subs.  Later this week includes Crockpot Ribs, Tacos, we are hoping to have a small fish fry over the weekend. 

What I'm Reminiscing About
I've been thinking a lot about mission trips lately.  Several of our friends are raising support to go tell the world about Jesus.  I'm so excited for all of them and to hear their stories.  It has made me think of the mission trips I've been blessed to be a part of.  

What I'm Loving
I am loving the long days.  Monday night we were home from the baseball game at 8:15 and it was still light out.  I feel like I can get so much more done in my day with just those few extra hours of daylight.  That is by far the best part of summer.  

What We've Been Up To
Monday night we went to see the Durham Bulls.  We love baseball and we love going to games together.  We had perfect weather the entire game and the Bulls won.  We are most definitely ready to go to some more games this summer.  

What I'm Dreading
We have already had several 90 degree days in May and that is not really normal.  I'm not looking forward to a summer filled with 90 degree weather especially as this Baby Bump grows.  I see lots and lots of water in my future.  

What I'm Working On
My projects for the next few weeks/months are to get Peanut's room ready.  We know what room is going to be the nursery and that means there is some cleaning out to do.  We have to take the things in the closet and reorganize them to go somewhere else and sell some of the furniture that is in there.  There is quite a bit of Pinterest looking as well to see how to make that room perfect for Peanut.  

What I'm Excited About
We find out whether Peanut is a boy or girl on July 2nd.  We can't wait!  It seems like July 2nd is a long way away but we know it will be here soon.  Do you think we will need lots of pink or lots of blue?  

What I'm Watching/Reading
I have been reading Melanie Shankle's newest book, Nobody's Cuter Than You.  I LOVE it!  It is a great book on friendship.

I feel like I've been watching the same thing forever, but sometimes you just have to watch FRIENDS.  It never gets old, the jokes are consistently funny.  It is the best show to watch as you are working on other things.  

Greg and I have been watching a lot of the NBA playoffs too even though both of our teams are not in it.  Sad day. 

What I'm Listening To
I have been listening to Christy Nockels most recent album.  It is fantastic.  If you don't have it, go to iTunes now and download it.  It's called Let It Be Jesus.


What I'm Wearing
Currently I am wearing clothes that still fit.  I'm not sure when this little Baby Bump is going to force me to go shopping.  

What I'm Doing This Weekend
We actually have nothing on our calendar.  We have been talking about some outside projects that we want to do at the house, so there will probably be a trip to Home Depot in our future.  I have a blast watching Greg's mind work as he thinks of home projects.  You can see the wheels turning.  

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
 June is Promotion Sunday at our church and that means we get to meet all of our new crazy 6th graders.  It is always so fun to watch those same 6th graders when they move up to 7th grade and see how they have changed.  We are also getting new co-teachers.  Great things happening in our Middle School Ministry at church.  

What Else Is New
 We had a Memorial Day Cookout with our Middle School small group on Sunday and we had a science theme.  We had a blast and found lots of fun science projects to do.  They were all super easy and a lot of fun.  I think they would make some great summer activities for any of you with little kiddos at home this summer. 

We had homemade lava lamps, tornadoes in a jar, Kool-Aid Slime, Mentos in Diet Coke explosions,  and a fun layered drink that was later named the Gummy Worm.  

June Question:  Favorite Thing to Grill In June
I love to grill veggies.  I think grilled corn on the cob is delicious.  We have plans to grill lots of squash, zucchini, peppers, and onions soon.