Show and Tell Tuesday: Momfessional Moments

It's Show and Tell Tuesday friends.  I'm linking up with Andrea of Momfessionals for all of the Momfessional Moments in our lives.  Let's be honest, Peanut is not here yet so I have no idea what my Momfessional Moments will be.  I really was not going to do this post but then I thought about what patterns I have now and how that is about to multiply here soon.  Here goes...

I'm a list person.  There is nothing I love more than having a list of things to do and checking those things off each day.  I have a feeling that my list is going to get shorter in the coming months and the main thing on that list will be to keep my kid fed and alive.  That will at least be true during the newborn and baby stage.  

I tell Greg often how there were times growing up that we would have a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast and maybe a Coke too.  I see nothing wrong with that.  I know sometimes Monday's come and that will just be a necessity.  I have a feeling that for me a few cookies and a cold Dr. Pepper might be breakfast.  

Last night, Greg and I were out getting a few things at Kohls and we both made the comment that we are ready to meet this little baby.  We quickly interrupted that statement with what in the world are we saying.  We are not ready.  We are in the last few months of being able to do whatever we want when we want.  I mean we decided this week to do two things this weekend that we would probably have to think through a little more once Peanut arrives.  

Momfessional Moments are about to become a reality for me and I'm excited to see what little things I do to stay in survival mode and still have time to do things that I enjoy.  

What are your Momfessional Moments?  Write them down and link up with us.  Some of the other posts have me cracking up.  

See you on June 2 to see what childhood Emily wanted to be when she grew up.