Baby Harrison's Nursery

Project Nursery is under way!  We are so excited.

We finished cleaning out the room and this past weekend started working on little projects for Peanut.

We bought these two furniture pieces from a friend several weeks ago and this weekend worked on painting them.  We used spray paint so we had to make sure the humidity was low enough for Greg to do this.  One of them is done and we hope to finish the other one this week sometime.  

Excuse the sunglasses, sometimes we forget we put them down before the picture.

The crib has officially been ordered.  It should be here this week.  We are so excited about this pretty crib.  

We have been blessed by wonderful friends and family who have wanted to pass along some of their baby items to us.  This past weekend all of this was added to the nursery.

It is no secret that I love all things Peanuts.  I mean Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Sally, Linus, and of course the other bird Conrad.  You should look up Conrad if you don't know who that is.  That being said I came across a Snoopy and Woodstock nursery theme and the whole theme for Baby Harrison's nursery changed.  Sorry Greg.  Two of the baby blankets we found came in the mail yesterday.  I ordered the one on the right to make sure I had a good match for the yellow for the wall paint.  I am so excited to see how this room turns out.

My brother was originally going to build the crib for us.  However, he lives 20 hours away and logistically it did not make sense.  Instead he is building some bookshelves to put on the walls and he is also working on letters for the name to be hung over the crib.  

I have been looking all over Pinterest for other ideas on how to make the room look sweet and homey. I loved the idea below and thought if I could use a yellow paint instead of pink to make the petals.  We will see how it turns out. 

Lots to do still, but we are having so much fun.  The goal is to have the room painted by the end of the weekend.  We will see.

Just for fun, here is Baby Emily with all of that dark hair.