Show & Tell Tuesdays: When I Grow Up

Happy Tuesday everyone!  It's time for another Show and Tell Tuesday.  This week is all about what we wanted to be when we grew up.  

I have a feeling there will be lots of teacher posts, doctor posts, and veterinarian posts.  I think those were the big three when I was growing up.  I never wanted to be any of those things when I was little.  I did not ask for an overhead projector for Christmas, I don't do well with blood or throw up and I've never really been a big animal person.  

I remember when I was little wanting to be a figure skater.  I had high hopes of going to the Olympics and being like Kristi Yamaguchi.  I would practice my Lutz, Salchow and all of the fancy jumps in my living room.  There was just one problem with my figure skating dream, I had no clue how to ice skate.  There went that life long dream.

I think all of us had dreams to be a famous singer when we were growing up too.  I had the room full of Backstreet Boys posters and would sing along to songs with my hairbrush longing for the day when I would win my first Grammy.  Not so much on that one either.

The thing I wanted to be more than anything growing up was a Wedding Planner.  You got it, I wanted to be just like Jennifer Lopez and have the fancy pant suit with my handy kit of any thing I would need to make sure we did not have a Bridezilla on our hands.  

I actually have planned a few weddings and loved every minute of it.  There is no way to get around the fact that they are crazy and kind of stressful, but the joy comes from knowing that you made the Bride and Groom's day memorable and allowed the parents to enjoy their children getting married.

There you have it.  What did you want to be when you grew up?  These are so fun to read.

See you on June 16th for the next Show and Tell Tuesday!